A darkness arises over the dales.

In the heart of the dalelands lies the ancient forest of Cormanthor, for millennia it has grown and been home to the people of the realms. For a long time the elves ruled Cormanthor, now the kingdom of Myth Drannor lies in ruins and almost no one explores the depths of the forest out of fear for what might find them. Goblinoids and fae creatures have long and bloody histories in these woods.

A long scar cuts across Cormanthor, the land strethes for almost 100 miles without trees at all. This is Mistledale, where our story will take its beginning.
Mistledale has long been considered a very quiet dale, and from an adventuring perspective somewhat boring. Yet it happened to be the home of our heroes.
They had met through the city watch of Mistlebrook, the third largest town in Mistledale, when they had been grouped together to help fight off a goblin attack on the outer farms of the city.
The goblins had been many and vicious, but our heroes had been vicforious in slaying the beasts and stopping them from burning down a small cluster of farmsteads and barns. They had each recognized that they could work as s team, and since then they had taken on ad hoc freelance work for the city watch.
They had been hard at work that day clearing the wine cellars of the inn off an infestation of rodents of unusual size. They had gotten a few bottles of wine along with some gold for their services, they were in the midst of celebrating a days work well done when things started to happen that would impact, not just our heroes’s lives, but the lives of many dalesmen.